Liquid Phase

Filter Specifications:

Models FC-2 & FC-3
Canister volume
55 gallons
Canister height
35 in. (89 cm.)
Canister diameter
25 in. (63 cm.)
Virgin Granulated Activated Carbon
Weight of Media
185+ pounds (84 kg.)

Carbon Specifications:

Mesh Size
8 x 30
Iodine Number (min.)
Hardness Number (min.)
Bulk Density
27-30 lbs. / cu. ft.
Ash Content (water soluble)
≤ 2%
Surface Area (min.)
1100 sqm/g
Abrasion (min.)


Models FC-2 & FC-3

The diffusion system used in Filcorp liquid phase filters provides even distribution of influent, utilizing 100% of the filtration media. Liquid phase filters also include a mesh screen to protect against potentially damaging carbon backwash. The collection system is specially designed to reduce channeling, enhance carbon usage, and increase the flow rate. Field-tested at flows in excess of 15 GPM. Canisters can accomodate pressure gauge and air vent. High-capacity 2″ i.d. NPT ports can be easily fitted with threaded bushings to match existing systems. Canisters are double-sealed to prevent leakage, and serialized to aid in recordkeeping and rotation procedures.


Model FC-2

The pioneering design of Model FC-2 includes a polyethylene liner for long life and a metal canister for structural strength. Use where static charges are liable to occur. Select Model FC-2 for low concentrations of FOC’s, where infrequent replacement calls for longer canister life.


Model FC-3

Model FC-3 replaces most existing liquid filters in standard applications. A zinc anode is included to prevent rust-through from galvanic action. Model FC-3 is equipped with a bottom drain to reduce weight for easier handling.

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For information and quotes: