The Filcorp Advantage


From the day the company was conceived, Filcorp Industries has been based on two principles. First, we are committed to finding practical solutions for today’s growing needs in the area of water and air purification. Second, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best value possible: low prices… effective, durable products… attentive, responsive customer service.

It makes sense to choose Filcorp Industries for all your water and air purification needs.

When you need activated carbon in bulk, call Filcorp Industries. We offer granular, powdered, pelletized, and impregnated carbon in bulk to meet your specifications.

The diffusion system used in Filcorp liquid phase filters provides even distribution of influent, utilizing 100% of the filtration media and protecting against potentially damaging carbon backwash. 

Filcorp vapor phase filters are designed to distribute influent equally throughout the filtration media. Encapsulation of the media allows for 100% flow-through and maximum utilization. 

Filcorp’s standalone unit is the perfect solution for emergencies and temporary applications, effectively removing vapors and odors caused by volatile organic compounds. 

★ Innovative Design

Filcorp products feature the latest developments in purification technology. Our pioneering designs deliver 100% flow-through with less resistance and little or no channeling effect.

★ Convenient Economical Service

Our customers have found that our prices are the most competitive in the industry. We also save you money with a convenient pick-up service for spent filters.

★ Attention to Detail

Higher adsorbency virgin carbon, galvanic action inhibitors, high-capacity intake ports, access for gauges and air vents, particulate pre-filters, carbon back-flow restrictors, and double-sealed canisters are just a few of the extras you can find in Filcorp filters.

★ D.O.T. Approved

Every Filcorp filter conforms to D.O.T. 17C, and is approved for hauling hazardous waste. Models FC-100 and AC-200 are D.O.T. 56 and D.O.T. 57 rated.

★ Serialization

We serialize each canister to help you track your filters. This enables you to rotate stock for maximum effectiveness. With serialization, you are also protected in case of a wrongful liability action.

★ Environmentally Sound

Filcorp does not contribute spent carbon to the solid waste stream. All materials are recycled for other industrial uses. We manufacture our filter canisters in our own plant, using environmentally sound technology.

★ Convenient Location

Our facility outside Burlington, Vermont is close enough to respond quickly to your special needs and questions.

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